How many $$$ would you make if your software releases were 5% faster with 50% less defects?

Accelerated Development's brings you key insights established through applied research and working closely with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Our insights are based on hands on experience with software development in different size companies across multiple industries.

Below we list common issues that exist in virtually all companies that slow down your software releases.

Continual Fire Fighting

To get out of fire fighting mode you need to create breathing room. By using leverage latent in your organization we will move you from reacting to daily emergencies to preventing fires and working on important goals.

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Slow Hand-offs of code between Departments

Ever put the wrong software version into production? Slow hand-offs can cause large amounts of wasted time as information and code is handed from business analysts to developers to QA to operations.

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Poor Intradepartment Communications

Insufficient coordination between your departments will cause large delays in overall development and will be invisible to each department. The effects of inadequate communications is difficult to measure.

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Slow and Inflexible Development Processes

If your car needs new brakes then changing your tires will have minimal effect. The solution to ramping up your development speed depends on finding exactly what is wrong. Development processes become slow and inflexible through poor engineering department design, ineffective lifecycle processes, and legacy architecture.

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Beware of Limited Perspective

"When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail". Separate your beliefs from facts and discover opportunities and synergies latent in your organization. It's much easier to change your point of view than it is to change your entire development organization.

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