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Implementing Use Cases

You are busy managing the business and don't have much time to worry about software development.

Software delays and quality issues force you to become aware of technology and development. Why not get educated at a business level on how you can manage development without getting tangled in all the details?

Our training courses teach you how to write effective requirements via use cases that will allow you to see the business requirements in your language but simultaneously be useful for development, QA, and user manuals.

Learn how to write the requirements once and satisfy the needs of your entire organization. Effective requirements put an end to playing 6 blind men and the elephant

Key Capabilities

Executive Training

Learn that effective requirements are not onerous to produce and can be easily written by your business analysts or product managers. Learn how investing in the requirements process can cut down on team confusion which produces faulty code and delays releases.

Product Management Training

Whether your requirements are gathered by business analysts or product management learn hands-on how to create a template for requirements that are accurate and complete and provide a clear view of the system for all people involved from executives to developers. Learn how to write lean requirements and stop writing bricks of requirements that no one reads.