Accelerated Development's brings you key insights that enable you to accelerate your development. Direct experience with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies together with applied research enable us to target and improve any software lifecycle from traditional development to Agile techniques.

How much more would you make if your software product releases were 5% faster with 50% less defects?

Become Agile

The intensity of competition requires that you can turn on a dime. Changing directions rapidly is only possible if you can shorten your development lifecycle to 6 weeks or less. Not every organization needs the agility that comes from implementing Scrum or Extreme Programming. Build up only as much agility as you need to compete in your industry.

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Use Inspecdtions

The best kept secret in IT is that software inspections will reduce testing by 4 hours for every hour of inspections. Learn how to use inspections to increase defect removal from 80% to 97%

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Evolution, not Revolution

Revolutionary technologies are like revolutionary wars -- they are bloody and full of casualties, very few organizations can afford to take this kind of risk. Accelerated Development will help you find your high value leverage points which will help you to evolve more effective software processes. If you are considering a revolutionary move then Accelerated Development can put the risks in perspective and develop a set of contingency plans to minimize downside risks.

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Measure Blindspots

Implement key metrics to see your blindspots and improve speed by eliminating them. Fortunately Most companies have blindspots where process improvements can yield a nice improvement in development speed.

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Find Leverage Points

Different techniques give you a different return on investment. Accelerated Development will help you to identify the suboptimal practices in your organization and help you to remove them in order of return on investment.

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