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Consulting Overview

Development processes are like cars, it doesn't matter what you are driving -- they need tune ups and once and a while you need to get a new one. Accelerated Development will tune-up your processes to get the most out of your existing software lifecycle.

Organizational Maturity

Early Phase Start-ups

Early phase start-ups tend to move at a very fast pace but suffer from inconsistent processes. You are too busy to work on process because you need to get the next release of the product out the door. Accelerated Development will implement the minimum process necessary to keep moving fast without capsizing the effort. In addition Accelerated Development will outline how long the current processes will hold before they need to be upgraded again.

Late Phase Start-ups

Late phase start-ups still move fast but now begin to suffer from quality problems from the initial customer base. Unless you get control of rapidly changing requirements you will cause churn in development and be faced with an escalating number of bugs. You are also losing some key developers and the need to provide guidance to new developers is tying up your experienced developers. Accelerated Development will help you to map out the critical pathways in your codebase so that your experienced developers can get back to work.

Mature Organizations

Mature organizations have vehicles that are slower but have the advantage of reliability. You may have developed serious blind spots in your development process over time and need an external pair of eyes to discover your leverage points and help you get the most out of your environment.

In addition, the original developers of the system are long gone and you are plagued with bringing new developers up to speed. Quality assurance practices are paramount here as you will have an established customer base and reliability is key.

Key Process Improvement Areas