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Integrating UML

UML has been a modeling standard since the 1990s and effective use of UML can simplify development and provide an industry standard way to produce higher level documentation for your project.

Proper higher level documentation will reduce the time it takes to bring new hires up to speed.

Also, depending on your budget aquire UML tools that exist for whatever size project you are doing at any budget level.

Key Capabilities

Product Management Training

Learn how to create use case diagrams to segment the system and provide the structure to the use cases that you have written.

Developer Training

Learn how to use UML at the analysis level to capture the higher level artifacts of the system. Learn how to take analysis diagrams and expand them into design diagrams that then map directly to code. Those prepared to be very disciplined can actually have the UML tool generate the framework infrastructure of a project and minimize erros translating your UML documentation into code.