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Become Agile

Being able to respond to rapidly changing conditions is the soul of agile software development. Your developers are calling for it, but is it the right thing for you?

Being able to change direction is more than simply giving different requirements to your developers every week. With Agile development you increase your effectiveness in building the right system but give up some control on when projects will finish.

Common Agile software methodologies include Scrum, Extreme Programming, and Feature Driven Development; all agile techniques share the ideas of shorter development cycles, light weight requirements, and heavy user involvement.

Implementing a few features of agile development will not give you the benefits unless the core practices and disciplines are implemented correctly. Picking and choosing among agile features will leave you with more problems than you started with.

Accelerated Development will focus on the minimum features that you need and make you well aware of the organizational and financial costs.


Executive Education

Understand what the minimum changes necessary to make Agile software technologies work for you. Understand what you will get with Agile development, what you must commit to, and what the trade-offs of moving to Agile development are.


Developer Training

Understand the new roles and requirements for the development organization and understand that there are features of each Agile methodology that are critical parts of the methodology and are not optional. Develop a deep understanding of how the Agile methodology supports development and the benefits and costs of the method.